Karitas is a single mother of four who desperately tries to make ends meet. Fighting a loosing battle with her ex-husband for custody over her three daughters, she’s oblivious to what’s going on with her twelve year old son Gudmund, a victim of brutal bullying at school and who’s life is on the fast track to destruction.

Gudmund’s only friend in the world is Marinó, a schizophrenic in his forties, who lives with his mother in the same apartment building. When Marinó realizes that his mother has secretly been dating a stranger, Marinó starts to loose grip on reality.

Gardar is an underworld enforcer who makes a mess at work and as a result his twin brother Georg is beaten up. Exiled both from the underworld and his family, Gardar has to make a fresh start in life. He decides to seek out his son Gudmund whom he has never seen but the straight and narrow is a tough path to follow.
CHILDREN is the independent first part of twin features by Ragnar Bragason and Vesturport exploring the roles of children and parents.

Running time: 93 min
Language: Icelandic/German
Subtitles: Icelandic/English/Spanish/Danish

Release Date: 9 September 2006 (Iceland)
Children & Parents came out on DVD 4th December 2008

-BEST film – The Golden Swan, Copenhagen International Film Festival
-BEST film – Transylvania International Film Festival
-BEST screenplay – EDDA Awards – The Icelandic Film and TV awards
-Official submission from Iceland to the 2007 Academy Awards,
in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

-CHILDREN – wins Best Film at Copenhagen International Film Festival
-CHILDREN – “Best Director” Transilvania
-CHILDREN one of ten best European films 2006!
-CHILDREN is awarded ‘Special Jury Prize’ at COURMAYEUR NOIR