“I am the greatest motherfucker that you’re ever gonna meet From the top of my head, to the tips of the toes on my feet
So go ahead and love me while it’s still a crime
And don’t forget you could be laughing 63% more of the time”

An extraordinarily intimate documentary by award winning director Daisy Asquith about one of the greatest singer-songwriters of our generation living with HIV. While his star is meteorically rising, Grant is engaged in a personal struggle against the religious bigotry of his childhood, and the shame and fear that he grew up with knowing he was secretly gay. After more than a decade spent escaping via drugs, alcohol and sex, Grant now has to face the traumatic fact that he is HIV positive. Moving with dark humour and lovable frankness between past and present, the film is driven by what feels like an interior monologue of ideas, dreams and memories, some comic, some tragic and all deeply felt, a fascinating way in to the physical and psychological challenges of living with HIV, alongside the pressure, thrills and “shit-storm” that fame brings. Grant’s music, recorded and performed by the Icelandic Philharmonic, makes for an intensely moving and special soundtrack.

Not in any way a traditional rockumentary, the filming takes place in Reykjavik, where the local people have embraced Grant and delight in his choice of their challenging, frozen and volcanic country for his home, and in his extraordinary knowledge of the Icelandic language. Here, amidst mountains and glaciers, the sexuality that made him so uncomfortable back home in small-town Colorado is largely accepted; he can be himself, and even fall in love, something he never thought possible again after his diagnosis…