A documentary by Óskar Páll Sveinsson 2020, Iceland, 87min

How far do you have to travel to find yourself? And what sacrifices are you willing to make to get there?

Veiga is the first person in the world to paddle over 2,000 kilometers journey around Iceland, counterclockwise and ́Against the Current ́. This achievement is considered comparable to climbing the mountain K2.

Her personal journey is no less remarkable. She was born 44 years ago as a boy in a fishing village on the far West coast of Iceland. Veigar was married and had children but at the age of 38 decided that he could no longer live as a man and decided to undergo gender reassignment.

The inner struggle for Veigar was a real torture and twice he tried to take his life. These two conflict stories are intertwined in the film in an amazing journey aroundIceland, with the magical and rugged coastline of the country in the background.


“This is a well-structured and informative documentary about a remarkable person. A film that has a message for everyone and not least those who have to overcome their prejudices against transgender people.” -Helgi Snær Sigurðsson, Morgunblaðið newspaper Iceland 3 Oct 2020.

Comments from the audience:

  • “A great film and Veiga is wonderful. Thank you, Iwas deeply touched by the power, courage, victories and the tragedy.” Oddný Magnadóttir.
  • “One of the most effective films I’ve ever seen.” Friðrik Karl Weisshappel.
  • “Incredibly beautiful images that connects nature and humanity!” Tótla I.Sæmundsdóttir.
  • “This film wonderfully well done. Great photography, editing, sound and more. The story is well told, personal and sincere.” Eyþór Eðvarðsson.
  • “It was a feast.” Bragi Guðbrandsson.For further information please contact Kristín Ólafs kristin@klikk.co.uk or Pétur Einarsson petur@petureinarsson.com